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We start by understanding. We explore how you do business, understand your existing systems, analyse what works and what needs to be improved and brainstorm ways our solutions can address your gaps. Once we’ve agreed on the overall direction, we will create a timetable for delivery, highlighting key milestones to keep the project on track and within budget.
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Your project is delivered to plan and on time. We follow our agreed timeline and work scope to build the applications for you, customised to the way you do business. During this process, we meet with you regularly to update on progress and ensure we remain in alignment
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You try it out and we optimise for performance. Before bringing your system live, we test all aspects of its capabilities, check for bugs and remove them.
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You stay operational 24/7. When we bring your system live, our involvement does not stop there. As you operate the system in real time, we will be on hand to iron out any kinks and adapt the system to the way it should work for you.
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You have a single point of contact. This means that we handle everything for you from the report of the incident until resolution. In accordance with the service level agreement signed, we will monitor your system and resolve any failures should they arise within the timeframe specified.

See how we have applied our framework to our clients’ projects.

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See how we have applied our framework to our clients’ projects.